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4 months ago
Wat is that bump on his dick
4 months ago
What’s on his dick?!
4 months ago
Why the fuck does one of the tags say "sex with little boy"
look 3 months ago
ma ... no hands, arms, legs or head
Yes 3 months ago
The hump is a Pearl inserted into his dick for a woman’s pleasure… it stimulates her gspot and makes her cum
Why 3 months ago
Why does one one the tags say "sex with little boy" and "play boy"?
Anonymous 4 months ago
It’s a domino. My ex got one in prison shaped as a heart ️. Love it
Honey 3 months ago
It's always the ones with that Clark Kent look.
Z3d 4 months ago
his junk is deformed... feel bad for the dude...
LittleLily 3 months ago
This is sad.
And change the battery on you smoke alarm!